Twilight “New Moon” Movie Premire

“New Moon” the second movie from the Sequel Twilight premiered in Puerto Rico in November 19, 2009 and as you all know in U.S.A days earlier. The movie did great in the selling of tickets the first day and still today it’s doing great. The first day that it was release in movie theaters it sold more than 2,000 tickets for each theater in many countries, you could see they will do great, just looking at the huge lines of people wanting to see the movie. As i been told the movie its better that the first one because it has more action in it, a thing such as action gives to the movie a greater feeling. We all can’t help ourself to ask: When it will come the next Twilight movie that we all know were dying to see.

¡Enjoy this fine photos from parts of the movie!



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2 Responses to “Twilight “New Moon” Movie Premire”

  1. YUNO Says:

    Me crie viendo peliculas de Vampiros y Lycantropos y esta la embarraron con la vestimenta… el diseñador esta bn charro osea mahones largos cortados en ves de unos buenos shorts … parecian mas una version de hulk q otra cosa y los lentes por dios ahy lentes lo sufisiente mente reales baratos para esos ::: vampiros q no chupan sangre!:::: la trama esta bastante bn pero la vestimenta nada q ver … solo una critica de mi parte … ala pagina exito Joseph q vas bn

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i love the movie new moon.

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