About Joseph Torres

                                           BANNER JOSEPH MYSPACE

My name is Joseph A. Torres Colón. I am a cheerful, funny, unafraid to face life and to experience new things. I was born in the town of Bayamón and I’m 21 years old. From very young I liked the world of Business, Entertainment and luxury. It’s something I have always tried to achieve, and therefore directed my life to being in a near future the owner of my own company and achieved great things. I think I mostly shine, not  for what I have,  i think it is  by my sacrifices and being a working person. What little i have and what I am gaining in life by the hard work and the passion that i put in what i do is something I’m proud of. For me success is not what you can obtain from the things you do is how good you feel when you do it and always thinking if it will make a differences in your life or the life of others. I think you meet your goals and accomplishments when you have fun with  every moment of what you do. What makes me happy is always waking up and trusting myself and just having the thought of the potential that i have in me is something exciting and to go after. That is my way of improving every day in what I do. I hope that with the help of God, My family, and friends, to keep on working and completing my dreams.


4 Responses to “About Joseph Torres”

  1. Linda Says:

    So proud of you. Te apoyare siempre. Love you

  2. yaritza alfaro Says:

    te deseo mucha suerte!! yo tambien te apoyare siempre =D

  3. Irving Says:

    Suerte Joseph! Mucho exito!

  4. Alexa Says:

    Wooohooo! You go Joseph!! If you ever need a showder to lean on, I am here! Y mi apoyo pa ti siempre!!! =)

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